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  USY(ULVAC Vacuum Furnace(Shenyang)co.,Ltd)is a wholly-owned cooperation specializhing in vacuum furnace,which is invested 17.5 million USD by ULVAC(ULVAC Japan Co.,Ltd) .USY covers and area of 100acres in Shenyang High and New Technology Development Zone,and has 40000 square meters workshops.For its complete range of processing,manufacturing and inspecting equipments,USY is professional in vacuum furnaces,such as:vacuum melting furnace,vacuum sintering furnace,vacuum brazing furnaces,vacuum heat treatment furnace.USY is able to provide advanced vacuum equipments and perfect service to our customers,becarse of mastering all the vacuum furnaces technologies form ULVAC,further,adopting the management and quantity control from ULVAC.

  Ultimate in Vacuum Japan Co.,Ltd(ULVAC) set up in 1952. After more than 50 years development and growth,ULVAC has been the first-class comprehensive group in the world integrating whith vacuum gained qequipments,vacuum measured instruments and vacuum application equipments Including subsidiaries more than 20 in Japan and 15 in China,The joint ventrues and wholly owned corporations that belong to ULVAC are so widely spread over the world the annual value is more than200 billion Yen.Since founded,UlVAC has been engaged in research,development and make for vacuum furnaces namely vacuum melting furnace,vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum furnacces namely vacuum melting frunace,vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace.Thus the vacuum technologies of ULVAC have been ont the top of the world.For example,until now there are more than 1200 sets of vacuum oil quenching frunaces sold.As the worlds top vacuum enterprises group,ULVAC has been for multiple industrial areas,especial in IT equipments,semiconductor equipments industry has benbfited from ULVAC which owns the most advanced manufacturing equipments for LC and Plasma in the world.But also the vacuum furnaces of ULVAC have provided advanced preparation and heat rtreatment ways for new materials such as NdFeB magnetic permanent material and hydrogen storage material.

  In the last 10years. nearly 1800 sets of USY vacuum furnaces have been used in our customers form China, Japan, US, Southeast Asia and European.

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