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Vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace


    Product features: prevent oxidation and decarburization, having effect of degassing, especially for tools, moulds and precision coupling pieces etc, the using life will enhance 3-4 times by gas quenching than general quenching, and the product distortion becomes smaller, high quality, flexible operation, non polluted, keeping work piece surface clean. Saving covering area, high heat treatment temperature, fast speed, efficiency, less power consumption, low furnace ambient temperature, less fume, good for working environment, less technology gas consumption.

    Product application: complete the tool steel, mould steel, high speed steel, high carbon and high chrome steel and other materials quenching treatment, and also used for vacuum heat treatment and vacuum brazing of stainless steel, Ti alloy, high temperature alloy steel etc.

Max temperature℃ 1300
Operating temperature℃ 550~1250
Temperature uniformity℃ ±5
Ultimate vacuum Pa 2*10-3 or 0.3
Pressure rising ratio Pa/h 0.4
Quenching pressure Pa 1.0MPa or 0.6MPa

Model Bearing
Temperature uniform zone dimension
VHQ-449 200 H400W400L600 120
VHQ-669 500 H600W600L900 180
VHQ-1015 1200 H1000W1000L1500 420

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