Vacuum dehydroxylating furnace
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Vacuum dehydroxylating furnace

    Product application: the vacuum dehydroxylating made of high quality quartz products, which can reduce hydroxyl content and improve light flux property.
Operating temperature ℃ 1050
Soaking property ℃ ±5
Ultimate vacuum Pa 2×10-3
Pressure rising rate Pa/h 0.4
Max pressure Pa Absolute pressure 90kPa

Model Loading capacity
Soaking zone dimension
Max temperature ℃ Power
VHD-6614 1000 W600H600L1400 1300 150
VHD-8416 500 W800H400L1600 1300 180
VHD-8833 2000 W800H800L3300 1200 180
VHD-8836 2500 W800H800L3600 1200 180

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