Vacuum annealing (tempering) furnace
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Vacuum annealing (tempering) furnace


    Product features: reasonable arrangement of heating components, optional insulating material, temperature uniformity, three zones temperature control, also can be individually controlled, optimized cooling system, air tube distributed uniformly by a circle to guarantee the cooling air uniformly flow through the whole scope. High automation, complete alarm, safe and reliable.

    Product application: vacuum annealing (annealing and degassing of activity and refractory metal) , electrical steel, electromagnetic alloy, stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy annealing, annealing of cooper and its alloy and the steel and iron material, vacuum annealing of Ti and Ti alloy.

Soaking property ℃ ±5
Ultimate vacuum Pa 2*10-3
Pressure rising rate Pa/h 0.4
Max pressure Pa Absolute pressure 90kPa

Model Loading capacity
Soaking zone
Max temperature
Operating temperature Power kW
VHA-446 200 W400H400L600 1350 500~1250 120
VHA-669 500 W600H600L900 1350 500~1250 150
Low Temperature
1500 W7007600L1400 1000 900 180
High Temperature
1500 W7007600L1400 1300 1050 210
VHA-1015 2500 W1000H1000L1500 1450 500~1250 360

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