Batch Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
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Batch Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace


    Product features: Saving covering area, high heat treatment temperature, rapidly, efficiency, less power consumption, low furnace ambient temperature, less fume, good for working environment, simple technology and easy operation, flexible production, reliable running; not only for traditional heat treatment but also for complicated treatment, no oxidation, decarburization, little out of shape or none out of shape of the marginal area of the work pieces, the bright quenching, bright annealing, solution annealing, bright temper, degassing, harden and high temperature copper brazing as well as sintering can be realized. Reasonable arrangement of heating components, optional insulating material, soaking property, three zones temperature control, also can be individually controlled, optimized cooling system, air tube arranged by a circle to guarantee the cooling air uniformly flow through the whole scope. It is high automation, complete alarm, safe and reliable.

    Product application: vacuum annealing (annealing and degassing of activity and refractory metal), electrical steel, electromagnetic alloy, stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy annealing, annealing of cooper and its alloy and the steel and iron material, vacuum annealing of Ti and Ti alloy, solution and aging. Solution and aging treatment of magnetic material (electrical pure iron, silicon steel sheet) vacuum annealing, vacuum tempering, iron-based, nickel-base high temperature alloy.

Operating temperature℃ 500~1250
Soaking property ℃ ±5
Ultimate vacuum P a 2*10-3
Pressure rising rate Pa/h 0.4
Max pressure Pa Absolute pressure 90kPa

Model Soaking zone dimension
Loading capacity
Max temperature
VH-446 W400H400L600 200 1350 120
W600H600L1200 Normal 500
Max 900
1350 150
VH-8812 W800H800L1200 Normal 750 
Max 1500
1350 225
VH-1015 W1000H1000L1500 Normal 1500 
Max 2500
Normal 1300
Max 1450
VH-1218 W1200H1200L1800 2000 1350 450
VH-1518 W1500H1500L1800 3000 1350 690

Note: nonmetal screen is adopted by the insulating layer; the power will be increased 1.5 times if the screen is made of metal.

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