Continuous low temperature brazing furnace
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Continuous low temperature brazing furnace


    Product features: import advanced Japanese technology, multi-chambers free combination, multi-zones temperature control, continuous operating, high automation, efficiency and energy conservation.

    Product application: suitable for vacuum brazing of aluminum heat exchanger and other aluminum alloy components.

Max temperature℃ 700
Operating temperature℃ 600
Soaking property ℃ ±3
Ultimate vacuum P a 8×10-4
Pressure rising rate Pa/h 0.4

Model Loading capacity  kg Soaking zone dimension
Chambers Qty
FB-312 60 300W×1200L×900H 1
FB-318 160 300W×1800L×1200H 3
FB-324 300 300W×2400L×1000H
FB-412 80 400W×1200L×900H 4
FB-418 200 400W×1800L×1200H 6
FB-424 400 400W×2400L×1800H

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