Vacuum induction strip casting furnace (slice)
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Vacuum induction strip casting furnace (slice)


    Product features: high automation, complete alarm, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, no air pollution oxidation, less air suction, low material burning loss, less slag inclusion, evaporate material can be melted under the argon protection, rapid temperature measurement, samples selection, material add, alloy material add, ramming mechanism. In addition, constant flow pouring can be realized, product thickness uniformity, good consistency, high yield; microcrystal and amorphous products for experiment also can be realized when the materials which specification is below 50 and equipped with high speed cooling roll. The cooling roll chill was adopted, cooling completely in one time, well crystallize, second cooling can active restrain the production of α-Fe, second cooling has two optional ways that water cooled plate and recovery container, the recovery container way can realize continuous production, high production efficiency. The properties of products which produced by our company is the best quality in the same industry.

    Product application: rare earth permanent magnetic, Ni-MH alloy, SmCo material, SmFe material.

Ultimate Vacuum (Pa)
Diffusion pump (according to pump units) 8×10-3
Double roots pump system         4×10-1
Roots pump                8×10-1
Max Temperature (℃) 1600
Max Pressure (Pa) 80kPa·abs
Pressure Rising Rate (Pa/h) 0.4

Model-VI Loading capacity kg Power kW
VI-50sc 50 100
VI-300sc 300 300
FMI-I-600R-c 600 600
FMI-II-600R-c 600 600
VI-I-800sc 800 650

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